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What is the Need for a Magnetic Water Descaler?

Posted on: January 10th, 2013 by splendidapple

What makes water hard?


Rainwater is the purest form of natural water. However, on its way to earth, it absorbs carbon dioxide present in the air and becomes acidic. When acidic rain falls on limestone rocks, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate are formed. Both these salts are perfectly soluble in water and do not cause any problem unless the solution becomes supersaturated.  If supersaturated water is heated or placed in a low-pressure zone, the mineral complexes break up to produce lime scale.

Adverse effects of hard water


Various research studies have revealed that hard water can reduce the energy efficiency of electrical appliances by 40 to 60 percent. Furthermore, a few millimeters of lime scale can also significantly shorten the life expectancy of the appliance. Together with increased maintenance costs, a large amount of money has to be spent on chemicals to soften water and cleaning products to scrape off lime scale.

Conditioning water with a magnetic water descaler


When a strong magnetic field is applied on water, the soluble complexes undergo modification and precipitate as spherical crystals. These spherical crystals stay afloat in water, and thereby prevent the formation of lime scale. The soluble complexes present in water carry a surface charge. The magnetic field reduces this charge and compels the particles to coagulate into large particles that keep on flowing with the water rather than depositing on the adjacent surfaces as scale.


There are basically two types of magnetic descalers, one type that needs a constant supply of electricity to produce electro-magnetic waves to efficiently condition water, and another type that uses static magnets to treat water. Both of these descalers use the same principle to condition water.

Benefits of magnetic water descaler


The good thing about a magnetic water descaler is that it neither removes essential minerals from water nor adds harmful chemicals to it. As the natural properties of water aren’t disturbed, therefore, it is absolutely safe to drink. In fact, magnetically treated water is good for one’s health. In the nutshell, a magnetic water descaler is a magical appliance that has the power to cure all the water-related problems.

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